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How to Follow Blogs and Their Social Channels (Best Apps)

It’s no secret that following blogs and their social channels is a great way to stay informed, engaged, and connected with your favorite online communities. However, with so many bloggers and social media platforms out there, it can be challenging to keep up with all the updates and new content.

Luckily, there are several apps available to help simplify the process and make it easier to manage your blog and social media preferences. In this article, we’ll explore the best apps for following blogs and social channels, discuss the benefits of using them, and provide practical tips for optimizing your experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Following blogs and their social channels is essential to staying up-to-date and engaged with online communities.
  • Multiple blogs and social media platforms can be overwhelming, but apps can help simplify the process.
  • The best blog following apps provide features such as feed organization and customizable notifications.
  • The best social channel management apps provide tools for scheduling posts, tracking engagement, and analyzing performance metrics.
  • Maximizing engagement with blogs and social channels involves interacting with content, participating in discussions, and building relationships with bloggers and readers.

Why Should You Follow Blogs and Their Social Channels?

Following blogs and their social channels have become increasingly important in today’s digital world. By engaging with your favorite blogs and their social channels, you can:

  • Access the latest content: By following blogs and their social channels, you can stay informed about new developments and updates from your favorite content creators. This ensures that you’re always up-to-date with the latest trends within your industry or niche
  • Stay informed: Social media channels can provide real-time updates on things that matter to you. By following the right accounts, you can stay informed about the latest industry news or trends, as well as new product launches or updates that you might be interested in.
  • Engage with the blog community: Blogs and social media platforms provide a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. By engaging with comments, sharing posts, or participating in community discussions, you can build connections with other readers and establish yourself as an active member of the community.

Overall, following blogs and their social channels is an excellent way to build your knowledge, stay informed, and become part of a larger online community.

The Challenges of Keeping Up with Blogs and Social Channels

Following multiple blogs and their social channels can be a challenge, as it requires considerable time and effort to stay updated on all the latest content. One of the primary difficulties is managing time, as there may be too much content to consume on a daily basis.

Another challenge is information overload, as readers may become overwhelmed with the amount of new content available. It can be challenging to sift through it all and identify the most relevant and valuable posts to read or engage with.

Furthermore, the need for a streamlined approach is crucial when following blogs and social channels. Without a structured system in place, readers risk missing out on important updates or falling behind on their favorite blogs.

The Best Apps to Follow Blogs

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with your favorite blogs, these are the top apps you should consider:

App Name Features Compatibility User Reviews
Feedly Customizable feeds, offline access, shareable collections. iOS, Android, Web. 4.6/5
Inoreader Folder-based organization, integrations, keyword search. iOS, Android, Web. 4.5/5
Bloglovin’ Categorized feeds, save and share posts, editorial content. iOS, Android, Web. 4.4/5
The Old Reader Social sharing, shortcut keys, privacy options. Web 4.2/5

By using these apps, you’ll be able to easily access the latest posts from the blogs you love. Each app offers unique features and benefits, so it’s worthwhile to explore and find the one that best suits your needs.

The Best Apps for Social Channel Management

Managing multiple social media platforms can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Luckily, there are several apps available to streamline the process and increase efficiency. Below are some of the best apps for social channel management:

App Name Features Compatibility User Reviews
Hootsuite Schedule posts, monitor engagement, and analyze performance metrics across multiple social media platforms iOS, Android, Web 4.4/5
Buffer Schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze social media performance iOS, Android, Web 4.5/5
Sprout Social Manage social media engagement, publishing, and analytics from one dashboard iOS, Android, Web 4.6/5
Later Schedule and publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest from one dashboard iOS, Android, Web 4.5/5

These apps provide a range of useful features such as post scheduling, analytics, and account management tools. By using these apps, you can better manage your social media presence and ensure that you are reaching your audience effectively.

How to Set Up and Use Blog Following Apps

Following blogs has never been easier thanks to the various apps available for download. However, knowing how to set up and use these apps effectively is crucial to ensure you don’t miss any updates from your favorite bloggers. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use blog following apps:

  1. Create an account: Start by downloading and installing your preferred blog following app from the app store. Once the app is installed, create an account with your email address or social media profile.
  2. Add blogs: The next step is to start adding the blogs you want to follow. This can be done by manually searching for the blog’s name or URL on the app’s search bar, or by importing an OPML file containing a list of blogs.
  3. Organize feeds: After adding the blogs you want to follow, organize your feeds by creating categories or folders. This will help you manage your feeds and make it easier to find specific content.
  4. Customize notifications: To ensure you don’t miss any updates, customize your notifications based on your preferences. You can choose to receive notifications for all new posts or only specific categories.
  5. Start reading: Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to start reading your favorite blogs. The app will continuously check for new updates, allowing you to stay informed and never miss a post.

Whether you’re an avid blog reader or just getting started, setting up and using a blog following app is an easy and efficient way to stay up-to-date with the latest content. With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to start reading and engaging with your favorite bloggers in no time.

Tips for Managing Social Channels with Apps

Managing social channels can be a daunting task, but with the right apps, it can be a seamless and efficient process. Here are some practical tips and strategies for effectively managing your social channels:

  1. Schedule posts in advance: Save time and effort by scheduling posts in advance using apps like Hootsuite or Buffer. This way, you can plan your content and be consistent with your posting schedule.
  2. Engage with your audience: Social media is all about building relationships with your audience. Use apps like Sprout Social or Agorapulse to monitor and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner.
  3. Track performance metrics: Measure the success of your social media strategy using apps like Google Analytics or Sprout Social. This will enable you to track important metrics like engagement, reach, and clicks, and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  4. Maintain an active presence: Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Use apps like Later or Planoly to plan and organize your content, ensuring that you maintain an active presence on each platform.

By following these tips and utilizing the right apps, you can streamline your social media management and maximize your impact on your audience.

Maximizing Engagement: Interacting with Blogs and Social Channels

Interacting with your favorite blogs and their social channels can help you stay connected and gain valuable insights. Here are some tips to maximize engagement:

  • Comment on blog posts: Leave insightful comments on blog posts to show your support and contribute to the discussion. Make sure your comments are relevant and add value to the conversation.
  • Participate in discussions: Join discussions on social channels to engage with fellow readers and bloggers. Ask questions, share your opinions, and be respectful of others’ viewpoints.
  • Share content: Share blog posts and social media updates that you find interesting or insightful. This can help you build relationships and show support for your favorite bloggers.
  • Build relationships: Connect with bloggers and fellow readers on social channels to build relationships and expand your network. Engage with their content, share your thoughts, and be open to new perspectives.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your experience with blogs and social channels and establish meaningful connections in your online community.


Following blogs and their social channels is essential for staying informed and engaged with your favorite content creators. The challenges of keeping up with multiple blogs and social channels can be overwhelming, but with the help of the best apps for following blogs and managing social channels, the task becomes more manageable.

By setting up these apps correctly, readers can customize their notifications and streamline their feeds to fit their preferences. Managing social channels also becomes more comfortable, with the ability to schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze performance metrics.

Maximizing engagement with blogs and social channels is also crucial, as it can help build relationships with bloggers and fellow readers. By commenting, sharing content, participating in discussions, and more, readers can become active members of the blog community and expand their knowledge and network.

Overall, the benefits of following blogs and their social channels are significant, and the recommended apps can help readers make the most out of their experience. We encourage readers to take action and start using these apps to stay connected with their favorite blogs today!


How do I follow blogs and their social channels?

To follow blogs and their social channels, you can use various apps that provide easy access to the latest updates. These apps allow you to subscribe to blogs, receive notifications, and engage with the content and community.

Why should I follow blogs and their social channels?

Following blogs and their social channels is beneficial because it allows you to stay informed about the latest content, updates, and news from your favorite blogs. It also provides an opportunity to engage with the blog community and participate in discussions.

What are the challenges of keeping up with blogs and social channels?

Keeping up with multiple blogs and their social channels can be challenging due to time constraints, managing information overload, and the need for an organized approach. It can be overwhelming to stay updated with numerous blogs and their social media activities.

What are the best apps to follow blogs?

There are several great apps available for following blogs, such as Feedly, Bloglovin, and Flipboard. These apps offer features like personalized content recommendations, easy organization of feeds, and seamless synchronization across devices.

What are the best apps for social channel management?

When it comes to managing social channels, popular apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social are highly recommended. These apps provide scheduling capabilities, engagement tracking, and in-depth analytics to help you efficiently manage your social media presence.

How do I set up and use blog following apps?

To set up and use blog following apps, you need to download the app, create an account, and add the blogs you want to follow. Then, you can organize your feeds, customize notifications, and explore other features provided by the app to enhance your blog following experience.

What are some tips for managing social channels with apps?

When managing social channels with apps, it’s essential to schedule posts in advance, engage with your audience through comments and messages, track performance metrics, and maintain a consistent and active social media presence. These tips will help you effectively manage your social channels.

How can I maximize engagement with blogs and their social channels?

To maximize engagement, you can interact with blogs and their social channels by commenting on blog posts, participating in discussions, sharing valuable content with your network, and building relationships with bloggers and fellow readers. These actions foster engagement and create a sense of community.

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